Swan Valley Market Place

Our History

Swan Valley Market Place has been forged out of a range of iconic West Australian brands and leading international labels that today are the Gourmet Food Family.

The Gourmet Food Family is a collective of companies and brands, owned by a local family, the Yukichs. Our four-generation West Australian family use their European heritage and their lifelong passion and commitment to fine foods and beverages, to create and curate gourmet products from Western Australia, Australia and the globe.

Our Marketplaces in Osborne Park and Swan Valley serve as our Product Portfolio – where you can view, taste and order the finest gourmet food and beverages.  Anyone can become a member, and when you are registered you can access preferential pricing, events and rewards through our Membership Programme.

Artisan Coffee Ranges

Starting with Oakover Wines & Grounds, our family acquired FiORi Coffee in 2006 and started building our coffee business. FiORI is renowned for its roasting excellence.

The group acquired Crema Coffee Company which offers an amazing range of award winning espresso and filter roasted coffees.

When The Northbridge Coffee Roasters joined the group, so too did their heritage. Northbridge have been roasting coffee since 1936, when a “real” cup of coffee was considered a rare and exotic commodity.

The group collective is now regarded as one of the most experienced roasters in Australia.

Blue Cow Cheese Company

Cheese making is a craft built on passion, knowledge and deeply set intuitions: Blue Cow Cheese is no different. Established in 1998, Blue Cow Cheese Company has matured and developed to becoming the leading independent specialty cheese importer, exporter and distributor in Australia.

European Foods Logo
European Foods

European Foods joined the Gourmet Food Family portfolio in 2018 and has been enhanced to deliver stability and growth for this West Australian hospitality icon. Now owned by a 4th generation WA Family, European Foods has moved locations and is evolving as a company.

With three generations still working in the business, we remain personally involved in the day-today operations – and we are deeply committed to partnering with our customers with integrity and mutuality.

Monthly Feature Products
Balsamic Vinegar

The Food Philosopher is super excited to launch our brand new range of premium balsamic vinegars! Used since antiquity, vinegar is a staple of the famed Mediterranean diet and our ancient Greek-themed gourmet balsamic vinegars will bring a splash of Greece’s ancient food culture to your kitchen creations. The Food Philosopher has carefully blended 5 vibrant flavours with our premium Corinthian white and aged balsamics to bring our gorgeous Grecian characters to life in your very own kitchen!


Working with Indigenous and other amazing Australian growers and producers, and in collaboration with the Wirrpanda Foundation we have created an exciting tea and spice range showcasing the flavours of some of our country’s unique indigenous plants. Our Australian native products are ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.

Milklab and Oatly

Discover our award winning MILKLAB barista milk range for espresso based coffee. Designed and trusted by coffee professionals around the world to texture and stretch with any coffee type.

Oatly is our super premium product that tastes amazing without doing a thing to it, but performs technically beautifully when foamed. Or if you are the kind of person who likes to add a splash of milk to your deep dark brew, this product can handle that as well without separating. Any tea drinkers in the house? You probably won’t want to turn your tea into a foam party but don’t want any separation either. You are good from now on.

Introducing Cecilia

Cecilia Fine Produce offers a collection of the finest quality Italian products. The authentic range includes exquisite oils and vinegars and antipasti favourites such as sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, peppers, beans, and much more. Every Cecilia Brand product is guaranteed to deliver the very best Italian flavours in your cooking or antipasto plates.

About Us

The Swan Valley Market Place was born in 2020 out of response to requests from our venue’s guests, wholesale and distributor networks for both European Foods and Oakover Grounds.

The Swan Valley Market Place at Oakover Grounds is a sensory feast for lovers of fine food and coffee.

We stock imported and local gourmet ingredients and gifts, to inspire your home repertoire – and spoil your loved ones too.

Anyone can become a member at the Market Place, to save over 20% off retail pricing, and be included in offers and exclusive foodie events. Membership for ABN holders is free, otherwise it can be purchased for $50 per annum.

We look forward to sharing our passion for fine foods and beverages with you.

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